We are looking for an intern to work at our AIOps team, which is conducting world-class and cutting edge research in the area of applying advancements in Machine Learning and AI for solving the most complex challenges in cloud services management that have not been possible before.

The AIOps team works closely with the Huawei Consumer Business Group (CBG), CBG covers smartphones, PC, tablets, wearables, and mobile broadband devices. Currently, we are the second-largest smartphone manufacturer in the world. Huawei Consumer BG is dedicated to delivering the most significant technologies to consumers and sharing the future outlook with people around the world. Generally, the team research the following domains:

Ops Brain: With all the Ops Data as an input, through data mining, knowledge extraction, we are trying to mining the relation between all the Ops entities, which can help to build the Ops knowledge base.
Minimal Network Brain: Research on the data-driven networks, which can process the network auto prediction, auto optimisation, and auto-scheduling.
User Experience Optimization: The user text feedback is an essential data that we need to utilise for providing valuable services for understanding the future of our products. Analysing such multi-lingual data poses a new type of challenges in various NLP domains.
We are seeking NLP interns in one or more of the following research areas: Ø Machine Translation. Ø Multilingual Classification Models. Ø Active Learning and Zero-shot Learning for NLP. Ø Text Summarization, Categorization, and Clustering. Ø Sentiment Analysis and Opinion Mining. Ø Natural Language understanding. In addition, we are seeking ML interns in one or more of the following areas: Ø Active Learning for Anomaly Detection. Ø Reinforcement Learning for Resource Management. Ø Knowledge Graphs/Graph Analytics for Root Cause Analysis.




Minimum qualifications:

Currently enrolled in a Master’s or PhD degree in Computer Science or a related technical field.
Experience (classroom/work) in Natural Language Understanding, Neural Networks,Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Science, Data Mining and/or Machine Intelligence/Artificial Intelligence.
Experience with general purpose programming languages: Python.
Preferred qualifications:

Available to work full-time for a minimum of 13 weeks.
Returning to your degree after completing the internship.
Relevant work experience, including internships, full time industry experience or as a researcher in a lab.
Ability to design and execute on research agendas.
Experience with research communities and/or efforts, including having published papers (being listed as author) at conferences (e.g. NIPS, ICML, ACL, CVPR, etc.).

Educational level:

Bachelor’s Degree

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