Native speaker fluency & cultural knowledge of Mexican Spanish

Object orientated software design and programming

Proficiency in more than one programming language, such as Java, C++, Objective C, etc.

Knowledge of Text Processing and NLP techniques

Familiarity with machine learning methods for classification, regression, or ranking problems




Engineering Natural Language Processing and Speech components specific to your language.

Using the power of large amount of data to tackle sophisticated NLP and machine learning problems.

Leading data annotation efforts and define language specific representations, conventions and techniques.

Analyzing data and making data driven decisions to improve the localized user experience.

Automating, scripting and integrating workflow from diverse systems.

Providing insights and suggestions towards innovative new approaches and new product features tailored to your home market.

Developing creative solutions to sophisticated issues.

Interacting with other teams at Apple working towards the same goal; from Speech Recognition Specialists, Data Scientists and Speech Synthesis engineers.

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