Low vision is a condition caused by eye disease which cannot be
corrected or improved with regular eyeglasses. Retinal-degeneration
disorders concern 285 million people in the world and it is predicted
that prevalence of visual disabilities will increase markedly during the
next 20 years. These disorders characterised by a progressive retinal
degeneration not only in photoreceptors but also in the overall
structure of the retina. So there is a real societal and scientific
challenge to provide new solutions to help low vision people in their
daily life activities. Among them, reading poses problems for almost
everyone with low vision and it is amongst the strongest need reported
by patients.
The BIOVISION team is currently working on a project to bring reading
experience to a higher level of immersivity by providing a highly
customizable visualization software running on phone-based virtual
reality platforms. In this context, in collaboration with the WIMMICS
team, we propose to explore text auto-illustration methods, consisting
in automatically extracting image from the web which are related to the
text, to make reading more efficient and enjoyable for low vision patients.

During the internship, the successful candidate will be responsible for:
– investigating NLP methods to extract concepts and entities contained
in some text and link them to online image contents.
– once images are collected, he/she will apply image processing methods
to create meaningful visual content from a selection of ranked images
representing the entities found.




The successful candidate will have the following profile:
– Msc or MA Student in Computer Science, or Computational Linguistics.
– Experience in Natural Langage Processing, Artificial Intelligence
and/or Machine Learning;
– Excellent programming skills;
– Strong interest in working in a multidisciplinary context made of
computer scientists of different fields (NLP and image processing), and
motivated my medical applications.

Specific requirements:

Duration: 6 months
Starting date: asap

Educational level:

Bachelor’s Degree

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